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Title: To the Depths of Love
Author: Miruiki
Pairing: RYODA, a bit of Pin
Rating: PG-13? XD
Genre: uhhh.... fluff?? angst?? XD
Summary: "i hate you so much, you know that"
LOL. i suck at giving summaries! *bow*

note: its my first time writing a fic ^^ im sorry if it sucks. a lot T___T i made it for Uchihakitsune ^^

"i hate you you know that" Ryo said as he sat in front of Ueda and glares at him. Ueda was simply reading a Magazine under a shade, sitted in an indian sit, and was leaning on the tree he was under.

it was one of those days where NEWS and KATTUN would go out. As usual, P was the one who organized everything. it was a perfect day to go out and have fun with your friends. or could it...?

"i hate you." ryo repeated. Ueda couldnt understand why he was saying that to him, since he was just sitting there, reading a magazine. Ueda replied "ok" without looking up the magazine he was reading.

Ryo glared at ueda for a few more seconds and asked him "arent you affected with what i just said?" and wait for a response. Ueda just looked up at Ryo Lazily and said " no. why would I get affected?? you dont matter to me anyway." Ueda quickly got up and walked away from the gaping Ryo.

ouch. Ryo thought

</i>Ugh why did i say that???</i>

Ueda sat down beside Maru, who was watching Pin play with the Water guns they bought. Maru was suppose to comment on the idiotic stunt that Jin did, but stopped at that thought when he saw Ueda spacing out.

"anything wrong ueda??" he asked Ueda. For maru, ueda was like his little brother. Ever since that incident with his girlfriend, Maru was able to open up and become close to Ueda.

Ueda sighed heavily and said "no.. not really..." "it has something to do with Ryo, huh?" Maru suddenly asked. out of all the people in KAT TUN, its only Maru who knows about his feelings for the obnoxious Sexy Osaka Man.

Of course, Ryo did annoy Ueda everyday, but he never went as far as saying he hated ueda. For them, Hate is such a strong word. And suddenly, Ryo comes up to Ueda and says he hates him. it hurts. alot.

ueda again sighed heavily and said "yeah... it does.."
"what did he say?"
"he said... that he..."
"he hates me....." Ueda buries his head between his knees, which he was hugging at the same time.

Maru tries his best to comfort Uebo. "dont cry tatchan...."
Ueda suddenly lifts his head up and he looked up to the sky with a weak smile. "i wont cry. he doesnt deserve my tears. though i love him to the deepest depths of my heart, my tears wont flow for his acts of be littling me..."

Maru had no idea. he just smiled at his bandmate and said "ok" ang messing up his hair a little, and getting Ueda in a better mood.


"WHAT THE HELL JIN?!" Ryo spat as he tried to protect himself from the water sprays that came from Jin's Water gun "c'mon Ryo~ its fun~!"


"youre going to far, Ryo" P suddenly appears and shields Jin from Ryo's spats and hurtful comments. "im.. ugh.. im sorry. i didnt mean it. honestly. Jin got me in a bad mood." "got you in a BAD MOOD or a WORSE mood?" P suddenly said. Ryo could only stare at P with disbelief. He eventually nodded and he sat at the Picnic table. "so what happened?"  P said as he sat beside Ryo.

"its about Ueda."
"why?? what did you do?? did you tease him again??"
" yes but this time its worse"
"what did you do??"
"i told him i hate him."
"isnt it true? isnt that the reason why you tease him like a hell lot??"

ryo glared at P for a few seconds and then his eyes turned away and he stared at the ever green grass below their feet. "no... thats not it..." "you like him, huh?" P suddenly said with a small grin in his face. Still staring at the grass, Ryo answered in a small voice "i dont like him... i... love him..." Before P could react to the sudden statement he heard, Kei came and said "OI~! lets play truth or dare!" P looked at Ryo and ryo smiled weakly and said "you go ahead. ill just stay here." P smiled at Ryo and left him together with Kei.


Maru and Ueda stopped playing a few back and now theyre just watching Shige and Massu trying to teach a puppy tricks and in between, laughing at the results of their lessons. suddenly, Kei comes near the two and they stopped playing with the puppy. the puppy was following massu around, so massu carried the puppy and brought it with him. Tesshi suddenly runs to Ueda and Maru, inviting them to join the game. "c'mon! join~! the more the merrier~!" Maru and Ueda looked at each other and nodded at tesshi's request. they both stood up, and then followed tesshi.

they came to the circle where Jin, Kame, Junno, Koki, Shige, Massu (and puppy), P and K were.

strange ueda thought to himself. ryo isnt here.... oh well.. Ueda sat beside K and Maru. K prompted the game and he told everyone the mechanics "ok everyone. whoever the bottle top points at, will either do a consequence or tell the truth about something. got it?" everyone nodded and agreed that the dares can have 3 options. you can pick from that 3. no more. no less. also, the truth would go as usual.

K spinned the bottle and it spinned for a good while. it landed on P first. "mmm... consequence" he said. "i got one~! strip here and now!" Jin said in a preppy matter. P said yes coz he has done it several times and it wouldnt bother him anymore. he took his shirt out and his undershirt off. he looked at Jin and Jin was just staring at P, dumbfounded. he smiled, and went back to his seat.

P spinned the Bottle next. it landed on Massu. Massu picked truth. the people around him thought of a good question. "mmmm... let me see. ah i know. are you in love with anyone?" Shige asked him. Massu turned red. he said no and looked away. tesshi preppily shouted "NO WAY~~! MASSU'S IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE~! who???" "one question per round. sorry. Massu spin the bottle~!" massu stood up and spinned the bottle and it landed on Ueda.

he was still spacing out. Maru looked at Ueda and nudged him. He came back to reality and answered "conseqence"

"call Johnny Kitagawa right now and tell him youre deeply in love with him" K said with a big smug on his face.
"are you kidding???"
"no of course not."
" NO WAY AM I DOING THAT. Next option?"
"Kiss Ryo in the lips~! look! he's being Sentimental right now! give him some energy~!" Jin said as he pointed at ryo who was facing back at them.
Ueda suddenly turned a bit sad, but he didnt show it much. "no!!! i dont wanna do that! you DO know our h-HATRED for EACH OTHER right?!"
surprised by the second outburst he got today, Jin just shut up for the mean time.

"hug him".

Everyone looked at whoever said that, and it so happened to be P.

"just hug him. if you cant do it infront, then hug him from the back."
"but we're--"
"its either that or you tell Kitagawa youre deeply and madly inlove with him. and i wont lie to you. that would totally be funny. he'd be following you around, leaving petty surprises for you around the JE building after that" P said followed by a laugh.

that thought creeped him out. and its true. its either that or the kiss. no way was he doing the kiss. he knew the hatred Ryo had for him and the love he had for Ryo. "ok fine. ill hug him."

he anxiously walked to ryo. he could feel his heart pounding hard. it felt like it was about to explode. the nearer he got to Ryo, the louder the thump of his heart got. he stopped inches away from ryo. he didnt know how to start the hug. He bit his lower lip and closed his eyes tight and opened them.

"its just a dare" ueda suddenly said.
Ueda suddenly hugs him from the back. His head was leaning on his back, eyes shut tight. Ryo had a nogalistic expression on his face. at first, Ueda's hug was loose. and then, he tightened it bit by bit. Ryo tried to counter the beating of his heart but he couldnt. he tried to fight the feelings that wer boiling up in his heart, but he couldnt.

they both wanted to stay in that position forever, but they couldnt.

Ueda suddenly lets go of Ryo and walks back to the group, face all red. Ryo watched the taller man walk away, dumbfounded and also red.

"ok. I did it" he said as he again sat down.

"tsk tsk tsk. thats not allowed tatchan~" P said as he waved his index finger to and fro, and shaking his head as well.

"what??? why??" ueda said getting all anxious again.
"because my dear, sweet tatchan, saying that its just a dare cancels the dare. therefore you have to pick between the 2 dares that are left. we cant add another one. its in the rule." P said as he pasted a wide grin on his face. Ueda couldnt say anything back, since he didnt listen to the instructions awhile ago and he couldnt see anyone opposing to what P just said. he clutched his jacket tightly and again he bit his lower lip and thought which one he would do.

"so whats it going to be Uebo?? the Kiss? or the Call?" P takes his phone out to ready the call to Kitagawa if ever ueda chose that dare.

"ill....ill... do the kiss..." he walked again to ryo. this time, his heart was pounding 2x harder.

K nudged P who was just beside him "yo P, thats not included in our rules. what he did perfectly fine." K asked with a questioned face. P just chuckled and said "i know. but i changed the rules a bit" he looked at K and winked at him and looked back at the trembling Ueda.

Ueda was walking like a Stiff Stick. he was biting his lower lip and his eyes were wondering around, avoiding Ryo. he reached Ryo who was spacing out staring blankly into space. he stopped when he was inches away form Ryos back and he stared at the shorter man who was sitting down. he let go of his lip and he sat in front of Ryo.

He stared at Ryo for awhile while the sudden presence of Ueda surprised Ryo again. "o-oi. what do you--" Ryo's eyes widened as he felt soft, tender lips pressing against his, his collar getting pulled near the man who was infront of him. Just as when he was sinking into the kiss, Ueda suddenly lets go.

"ok. i've done it." was what he said to himself. When he was about to stand up and walk away, Ryo pulled his jacket and said "no, wait..." Ueda didnt want to hear any nasty comments from the one he loved. so he just shaked his jacket free and he was going to walk back to the group.

Being the stubborn man he is, he again pulled Ueda but this time by the arm. they stayed in that position for a while and with out another word, Ryo stood up and kissed the latter Man. It took Ueda awhile to realize what happened. He pushed away Ryo's kiss. "what.. what.. is this--" again a kiss broke him off. he couldnt fight back so he closed his eyes and kissed Ryo back.

Ryo broke the kiss and stared deeply into Ueda's eyes. "ueda. I.. I love you" Ueda didnt know how to react. Ueda looked away when he said that, and it gave Ryo the impression that Ueda didnt love him back.

"I... Im sorry..." Ryo was about to leave ueda when suddenly Ueda stopped him by holding on to his hand, looking up to the Latter and kissing him tenderly.

Ryo gave into the kiss and wrapped his arms around the man, and the latter doing the same.


P smiles at a job well done. K sees that grin and victorious smile on his face and said "you planned all this huh?" P could only look at K with that big grin. P's smiles were always contagious. It made him smile as well. "so.. P... any chance of you getting me and shige together...?"

*if anyone got insulted with the special child thing, im sorry ^^ it just had to sound a bit harsh~ :D
* who was maru's girlfriend?? got no idea. XD
*who is massu in love with? XDD GUESS ahahah XD
* AHAHAHA inserted a bit of KoyaTo coz iltsm XDDD
GAH. 1st Fan Fiction EVER. IM SO SORRY IF IT SUCKS!!! :cry: anyway, made this for :iconuchihakitsune: for guess victor basa right XDDD ROFL.

AHAHAH ILUSM VIAN. PAra sayo toh. AHAHAH XD mwaaah :heart:

arrgghhh >.< DA wont let my edit it properly T___T anyway, i posted my fic in Ryoda_love@LJ ^^ if you want to read it, here:

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and.. omiged ryoda 8DDDDD XDDD

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and ryooooo so emo XD lol. :D
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